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Giving Kids The Gift of Empowerment! - The Little E Series

“The Little Entrepreneur is a really great. I think all kids should read this book” - Kyle L. (10 years old)

“After reading the Little Entrepreneur, I felt empowered so I knew my daughter Melinda would get the same effect. She loved it.” - Lisa Loving (Parent)

“I really liked this book. I was glad mom bought it for me. I learned a lot from each of the kids in the book.” - Tracy McCormick (12 years old)

“I liked the kid name Maria in the book. She reminded me of myself.”- Sheila Jones (10 years old)

“I enjoyed Mary’s project. I liked her writings.” - Jimmy Ramsey (9 years old)

“I would definitely recommend the Little Entrepreneur to my students and their parents. It was truly inspiring.” - Mrs. Anderson (Teacher)

“This is a great motivational book for kids. It shows them how they can take control of their lives.” - Jack Kingsley (Parent)

“This is definitely one of the most realistic books I have ever read about what it takes to make it.”- Robert Cummings (Parent)

“The authors delivered a great book that children and adults will find useful for years to come.” - Beatrice James (Parent)

“I fell in love with Mary. I liked how she cared about wanting us kids to reach for our dreams” - Thomas Williams (9 years old)

“At first I thought this book was written for a younger audience than me but after I read it I knew exactly why my mom ordered it. I loved the entire book.” Carmen Long (15 years old)

“I think this book may be one of the best things that have ever happened to me.” - Audrey Mannings (13 years old)

“I related to how some of the kids felt about their parents. I asked my mom to read to book after I got finished. It brought us closer together.”- Steven Daniels (11 years old)

“A member at my church asked me to read this book because she said that some of the parents at our church may be interested in getting a copy for their kids. I read it and I knew I had to recommend to the parents in my congregation.”- Ron Butler (Pastor)

“This book made me feel good about my talent. I feel like I can be whatever I want.” – Chris Justin (11 years old)

“I read the book twice in a roll because I liked it so much. My brother read after I did and he felt the same way about it. We were both inspired.”- Kimberly Hokins (14 Years Old)



The Little Entrepreneur - Takes Flight Part 1


Michael H. and Jay Arrington


This is a very motivational and empowering story about kids learning how to work towards their dreams. This book encourages skill building and goal setting that kids will need as they grow up and become adults. Ages 8 and up. This is an inspirational book that the whole family will enjoy.

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ISBN: 0-9764161-3-1

Paper Back Edition

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Planting the seed of entrepreneurship and self-empowerment.

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The future needs entrepreneurs as they provide jobs, products and services that touch our everyday lives. Our mission is to empower kids to live up to their true potentials.

Sincerely, Harper-Arrington

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Story Summary:

This first book explains how the kid’s in this story became to be known as the Little Entrepreneurs. It centers around how one of the Little Entrepreneurs set out on a mission aimed at finding the answers to how kids can turn their talents and hobbies into their own businesses. Did the Little Entrepreneurs succeed in finding out how kids can make their dreams come true? They certainly did! Don’t miss out on what they uncovered! Order your copy today!

Book Review:

“After I finished reading The Little Entrepreneur Takes Flight by Michael J. Harper and Jay Arrington, I realized that this book could literally change lives...” Bettie Corbin Tucker of IP Book Reviewers. Click Here to read full review on

Famous Entrepreneurs

Did you know Steve Wozniak, the man behind Apple Computers got interested in science and technology after reading a particular book on the subject when he was 9 years old? He went on to invent the world’s first personal computer. Give your child a gift that will empower them to reach for the sky.

Read about other successful entrepreneurs - Click Here - Could your child will be the next one?

Order Your Copy of the Little Entrepreneur Today!

More about the series:

The Little Entrepreneur is a kid’s book series that was developed to show kids how they can become anything they would like to be in life. Each book teaches kids how they can overcome obstacles to be successful. It also teaches kids how they can develop and enhance their talents. The reading level for this series is 8 and up. The Little Entrepreneur is a series of inspirational stories that the whole family will enjoy and can learn from. Never has learning about how kids can use their talents to start their own businesses been this fun!

The Little Entrepreneur - Takes Flight (The Introductory Book In the Series) covers many topics that are important to kids and parents. The kids in this book encourage skill building, goal setting, self esteem and more; all done in a fun way. Giving the gift of knowledge is a gift that keeps on giving. This books also demonstrates how parents can help their children become all that they can be.

The kids in the stories have many aspirations that your child is sure to relate to from computers, engineering, law, to fashion designing. Who knows, your child may be the next Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Robert Johnson, Jeff Bezos, or J.K. Rowling. Help your child get off to a great start in start in life with The Little Entrepreneur Series. 

The Little Entrepreneur teaches kids that any dream is possible when they believe and work towards it. Help your child get off to a great start with The Little Entrepreneur Series!

If you are a Teacher or a School - Bring The Little Entrepreneur Series to your classroom. E-mail Us for Details.

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